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“It has been my experience while doing business with Sue Finney that she poses good character and business acumen. Sue actively addresses issues and negotiates with integrity. As a small business owner, she knows how to make a budget work, and understands the value of building productive relationships to produce high quality outcomes. Sue is a highly respected leader in the healthcare business and I support and trust her. I know that Sue will represent the community and the State as House Representative with the same character and traits.” 

                                                                                             -  Brian Neal

"Leadership, visionary, committed, honest, motivated, and providing consistent follow through are all words that come to mind as I think about Sue Finney and my experience in working with her.  Sue brought her talents to rural Minnesota to fill a need in our Hospital, Long Term Care facility and Clinic.  She worked endlessly to develop an affordable, reliable and workable program. 


Her problem-solving skills were an asset as she worked with us to provide coverage for our patient care equipment, a key element in taking care of our patients without interruption.   Sue actively pursues participation from those she serves making sure all ideas are explored to improve service for patients and staff.  Having worked with Sue over the years, I see her using her skills in all aspects of her life as well as taking on new challenges.   I am excited for Sue and the people of Minnesota that she will represent as a House Representative.  Please support Sue in this endeavor; she will not disappoint."                         

                                                                                                 -   Beverly Fritz-Hults

"When I think about Sue, I think about a highly motivated individual who, when she recognized that there was an unmet need in a specialized industry, developed a niche business to address that need, thereby providing another service option to the health care industry. Sue determined a need, built excellent relationships and became a trusted advisor. And, because of her volunteer treasury experience and her small business ownership skills, Sue is financially responsible and knows how to balance a budget. Sue Finney is absolutely the right person to represent the community and the state as a House Representative. I am confident she will set the bar in representing the people of Minnesota with dedication and integrity."                                                                                                                       -  Niki White

" I am greatly honored to have received the MNGOP Republican Party Endorsement of the Delegates for MN House District 42B " - Sue Finney

Honored to have received the endorsement of the Women LEAD MN on September 29th. "

                                                   - Sue Finney


  • Michelle Manke, Roseville Resident

  • James Bull, Roseville Resident

  • Phil Ziermann, Little Canada Resident

  • Carol & Dale Monson - Orono Resident

  • Brian Larson, Shoreview Resident

  • Ken Frank, St. Paul Resident

  • Rick Lorenz, Shoreview Resident

  • Nancy Meck, Shoreview Resident

  • Paul Finney, Roseville Resident

  • Maureen Schrefels, Sauk Rapids Resident

  • Greg Ryan, Roseville Resident

  • Ron McLane, Roseville Resident

  • Mark Storkamp, Roseville Resident

  • Robert Brown, Professor Emeritus, University of St. Thomas - Roseville Resident

  • Patty Bradway, RN - Roseville Resident

  • Karen Schultz, Minneapolis

  • Steve Lorenz, Apple Valley

  • Bev and Ken Hults, Glencoe

  • Mattrew Basich, Roseville Resident

" I am greatly honored to have received the endorsement of the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association. "

                                   - Sue Finney

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