On the ISSUES that impact our community.

  • Community and Safety - Supporting our communities includes supporting law enforcement, first responders and healthcare workers. Our government and communities must maintain their support, continuous improvement, accountability and communication practices and policies.

  • Health Care Availability and Affordability - Health care costs are out of control; we need a competitive market place, transparency in pricing, affordable treatment for all conditions and to have a choice in our decisions.


  • Housing and Personal Property Rights - I support protecting the rights of property owners, renters and landlords. I will advocate for affordable housing and fair and reasonable regulations, and I will work with our community leaders to develop housing solutions that meet the needs of our community.


  • Business Development - It is important to maintain our local businesses and ensure their success and ability to retain employees with high-paying jobs. I will work to create jobs, ensure favorable funding to start, grow, expand or recover business, support entrepreneurs, independent contractors and small-business and the employees of these businesses.


  • Education - First and foremost, all students from preschool through high school deserve the highest quality education we can provide. Additionally, I will support affordable provisions for technical training and university programs to prepare our young adults to enter the workforce with reasonable debit expectations and competitive wages and provide incentives to graduates who remain in Minnesota.

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